Hi, I’m Nino Filiu

I create digital experiences through the use of technology

This can manifest in many forms but basically I know how to

& I’m open for work involving using these tech skills for creative purposes

Works as a tech artist

”Sacrifice” (2023), a 3D video installation using DJ decks as a gamepad

”Body Heat” (2023), an interactive light work exploring the relation between the presence of the body in space. w/ Paul Creange @ Poush

”Cooking for William” (2023), a horror visual novel disguised as a cozy cooking game. w/ Melanie Courtinat & Pierre Moulin

”First Contact” (2023), an interactive installation questioning our interpretation of exotic consciousness @ 36 Degrés x Galerie Charlot’s Psych.e

”But The Flesh Is Weak” (2022), a serie of installations and performances involving plants, dance, fashion, electronics, and sounds. Conceived a system that extracts biofeelings from the electrical stimuli of plants, and coded an algorithm that translates this raw data into sculptural shapes and ambient sounds. w/ Samuel Fasse & Amosphère @ Le Confort Moderne, La Station Nice, Galerie La La Lande

”Room XYFT” (2022), an immersive installation involving audioreactive visuals and modular synths. w/ Aleksey Larionov aka Worm Machine @ Poush

”As If My Phone Cares About Museums” (2021), a sculpture that gets scared when you get too close, thanks to an endless stream of visuals that evolves based on ultrasonic sensory input. w/ Paul Creange @ Poush

”The Color Of The Wind” (2020), an in situ LED sculpture which color changes based on the wind direction and speed. w/ Paul Creange @ Poush

Works as a developer

2020-now: Software engineer @ Toucan Toco

2018-now: open source contributor (Firefox, MDN, Vue, Poimandres, Snowpack, & more)

2018-now: Stack Overflow active member (16K+ reputation)

2022: coded GettorBot, a Signal chatbot to broadcast Tor bridges in countries where Tor relays are blocked/monitored. w/ Sonia Veselova. 1st place at the Demhack hackathon 4

2022: coded ESGrep, a software that parses a program source code and locate interesting patterns

2021: coded Supermosh, a software that pushes the boundaries of video editing in the browser by making datamosh in the browser possible

2020: coded OAClient, making calls to OpenAPI servers simpler and safer

2019-2020: Software engineer @ 360Learning

2019: co-founder @ Sensafety

2018: Front-end developer @ Synomia


2023-08-17: DJ set b2b DJ Sexy for Jedismieux @ Caves Saint Sabin

2023-06-24: DJ set & VJ set with custom-made 3D renders for Acme @ L’International w/ TFlux, Legit Girl DJ, Schadenfreude (Mind Matter & Gewaltem)

2023-06-09: Live coding visual set @ 36 Degrés x Galerie Charlot’s Psych.e w/ Accalmie

2023-04-18: Generative art performance for the opening of Alfred Courmes @ Espace Niemeyer

2023-01-21: VJ set for Services Generaux’s 5 year anniversary at La Station w/ Lauren Duffus, Violeta, Urumi, Broodoo Ramses, Darko, Astrid Gnosis

2022-12-16: VJ set for Acme @ L’International w/ Legit Girl DJ, Termination 800, TFlux, Kamaji

2021: Projections of custom-made generative visuals for Woops’s parties @ the Serpent à Plume

2022-10-16: Podcast for Structure Records

2022-09-24: DJ set @ Les Souffleurs

2018-03-30: Curvature EP

& also

2023: EP cover art & 3D animations for Camp Claude

2023: single cover art for Housewife9 feat Urumi - Wig (unreleased)

2023: EP cover art for My Name Is Max (unreleased)

2022: First Assistant Director on Claude Payen de Lapierre’s short film “La Fugue”

2022: light technician for Myst and Possession for shows involving Nina Kraviz, MRD, and many more

2022: fanzine cover for Pas Vu Pas Pris

2021: Logos & poster design for Rorshar


MPSI/MP* @ Lycée Charlemagne. Courses on algebra, statistics, mechanics, quantum physics, electronics

MOOCs @ Stanford Lagunita. Courses on statistics and machine learning

Master in Computer Sciences @ Telecom Paris. Courses on computer architecture, computer architecture, optics

Student @ Eurecom. Courses on cybersecurity, computer networks, robotics

Erasmus @ Berlin Institute of Technology. Courses on machine learning, cybersecurity, quantum computing

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